Support A Film That Can Save Farmers!

Dear Friends,

We are making a very important feature film. A film that not only talks about the agriculture crisis in India with a completely different and unique perspective, but it also tries to provide a solution to it, so that farmers can lead happy and satisfied life without depending on any external factor.

We have already started the project and want to complete it with the help of those good people, who truly want to see our farmer sisters and brothers in better conditions. The film will have its theatrical release in September 2019 in India. We are a team of passionate artists, who want to bring some positive and significant change in the society. Crowdera is helping us in raising the funds required for making this film.

Know more about this project and please make a contribution. Your support can make the film a reality. Every contribution, whether small or large, will take the film to its completion. We invite you to be part of this landmark film. Also, please share this with your friends, who can contribute to this project. Thanks!